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Place Rings

If I can have these place rings done I will give it to my girl friends Jing, Tim and Shen. The Paris ring will be for Shen. The China ring will be for Tim. The Venice ring will be for Jing. And the New York ring will be mine.

Uber cool rings, don’t you think?


Broccoli Treehouse

Would you believe that the photo above is actually a broccoli with some sticks and small parts that became sort of a treehouse? I call it the Broccoli Treehouse! Cute, don’t you think?

I love broccoli! I have a funny story about this veggie that I love. My sister and I went up to Baguio City and since it was our first time, my friend and his then girlfriend toured us. One of our stops was the public market. Seeing the abundant broccoli everywhere, my sister and I got excited and bought a lot. And by a lot I mean a small sack of it! Can you imagine how heavy that was? Because of that sack of broccoli, my sister and I missed our bus going back to Manila. We couldn’t carry it and run at the same time. We were so angry that we missed our bus but when we were already sitting in the next bus going to Manila, we were laughing our asses off.

Oh, broccoli!


My cousin Victor is helping out his former boss in recruiting a good technician for his company. Victor holds one of of those Technical Recruiter Consultant Jobs in a big multinational company here in the country and as a way of saying thank you to his former boss for mentoring and training him, he helps him out in recruiting from time to time.

Gratitude is something we hold true in our family. It’s a big deal for us. We always make sure to look back and thank the people who helped us get into where we are now. That is the reason my cousin still helps his former boss whenever the latter asks for a favor for his company. Gratitude for the help when Victor was just struggling in his career.


I believe that no matter what age you are, when you look at the photo above of a Hello Kitty bedroom, you will want to have one at home. It’s for your little girl and the little girl in your heart! Trust me, when I saw this, I immediately messaged my friend Shen now living in cold Chicago to tell her about it and we talked about the bedroom like excited little kids! Ah, frustrations when we were younger…

Would you want a Hello Kitty bedroom for your little girl?



What’s in trend these days? I don’t know what’s in fashion these days for sure as I’m not a fashion police, but I do know that these days, accessories like green diamond earrings are well liked by many. I can see a lot of my friends wearing them. I suppose fancy diamonds and whatever things that is colorful and vibrant is considered as fashionable items these days. I think I’m out of fashion and it’s time to get back in trend. Maybe next week I’ll hook up with my girlfriends and get myself a makeover along with those diamond accessories.

My friend has always been a gamer at heart. Trust me, if you give him a game no matter how complicated the rules are he will be able to figure it out and give him a day or two he would have mastered it already. He is that good! I remember his stories of being awake for days just to get to the level of the game he wanted to be at. Those were his college days were like.

I was reminded of my friend when my older cousin borrowed some money from my online account to get himself a ps3 keyboard. I was immediately reminded of my friend whose room looked like a computer shop than a bedroom.