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Thank you, tita! You’ve provided me with the much needed inspiration I have been seeking for the past few weeks now. I haven’t been much inspired to do anything with the new blogs I have. But having seen a new blog of yours, I realized that I am so much behind with my own goals.

So there will be changes to my schedule today and most of the time will be allotted to the new ‘babies’ of mine!


Multicolor room


There are things I love and dislike (hate is too strong a word, don’t you think?) in this room. I love the yellow and the pink stripes. I don’t like the chandelier and the green color that is peeking a little near the chandelier.

This is my first time to join Mellow Yellow Monday. I think I’m gonna love this meme!

Yay! I heard from Fingertalks again!

She emailed me, not really sure if I am still using my gmail account. Good thing I still use it and now the communication is back on!

Fingertalks is one of the bloggers I am close to. She’s become a friend even offline. We lost communication when she and her husband went abroad to start a life there. It’s been two years, if I am not mistaken. Her old blog was no longer active. I thought that’s the end of our friendship. Good thing the net is a really great place to find long lost friends.

Can you imagine how good I feel right now? I found an old blogger friend!